Monday, March 17, 2014

War --- Everyone cheered

The pressure was building up and people were unable to bear the discomfort anymore.
Wanted a scapegoat, wanted to let off the steam building up barometer by barometer,
wanted to feed off their animal instincts through a violent, bloody yet brief war. Wanted
to teach them a lesson. 
Who did they refer to as ‘them’? Another set of people who shared the same exact
beliefs, emotions and thoughts as themselves. Yet, no one did realize that they were
falling into a or ‘The trap’. Why were they so willful in making history repeat itself.
Could a whole community be full of fools? – One which contains toddlers, oldies, men
women, fools, dreamers, optimists, practicalists a.k.a. pessimists, novice, experienced,
the good the bad and the ugly. 
Were there any voices which expressed concern? - If there were, were they drowned in
the mass droning?
Nobody would realize that it is not going to be a small bloody war with all their scores
settled, but a long painful drama, until they experience it, which they would soon forget.
If you observe it at a distance, you may either look at it as if it’s a play staged by ‘The
wicked Almighty’, if you believe in one, or the unending dramas in the life of men on
earth – the events happening to give a meaning to the beautiful thing called ‘life’, by
ending it like a full stop to a sentence.
Either way you look at it is difficult to absorb!!!!!!.

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