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#Iraivi Poem with Translation and Summary

#Iraivi Poem with Translation and Summary

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ஆண்  - அவன்(ம்)
(ஆணான என் மீது நான் கொண்ட அவாஆணவம்)

நான் ஆண்
என் பின் தான் பெண்
I am the man. After me is a woman.
திரை பித்தம் கொண்ட மூத்தோன்
மோக முத்தம் கண்ட இடையோன்
தன் சித்தம் குழம்பிய கடையோன்
இவர் மொத்தம் சினங்கொண்ட பெரியோன்
Cinema obsessed Eldest (SJ Surya)
Lecherous womanizer middle guy (Vijay Sethupathi)
Confused deviant youngest (Bobby Simha)
Anger driven head of family (Radha ravi)
Note: Idaiyon in tamil means middle guy and also a goat/cow shepherd.
Lord Jesus is often referred to as a good shepherd – he was born into a family of shepherds. Vijay Sethupathi character is a Christian in this movie. A beautiful link indeed that VS should the idaiyon – the middle guy.

அவள் வந்தாள் - குடி புகுந்தாள்
சிரித்தாள் ஒரு நாள் - பின் சினத்தை சகித்தாள்
என் ஆள் என்று பொறுத்தாள் - எந்நாளும் காத்தாள்
வாடினாள் வேண்டினாள்

She came upon their house and their lives (She refers to the three women of the family Vadivukku arasi, Kamalinee, Anjali) She smiled one day, put up with their anger, harsh words and recklessness the rest of the days. She fooled and convinced herself into saying ‘He is my man’. She waited endlessly until the doomsday, withering and praying.

மூத்தோன் தீவிர போதையால் பேதையானாள்
இடையோன் தவறிய பாதையால் பாதி ஆனாள்
கடையோன் திமுரிய பார்வையால் மீதியும் போனாள்
பெரியோன் தவமுறு உளியால் இறைவியானாள்

Eldest’ s serious addiction made her into a pitiable woman.
Middle guy going astray made her into half the woman she was.
Note: Idaiyon/Idai saathiyon also refers to Lord Krishna. He has given mankind the Bhagavadh geetha so that he doesn’t go astray. His namesake is unable to that. Anjali is forced to lead a life by herself bringing up a child on her own. She has lost her better half, as a spouse is popularly referred to, when VS goes to jail for few years.
Youngest’s deviant looks fell upon her – her rest was also gone.
Note: When Bobby Simha desires Anjali, she is forced to vanish. The woman who was half of her when VS goes to jail, is now completely out.
Grand old man – his blessed chisel has chipped away slowly and constantly at her sending her into a state of goddessness.  
Note: Vadivukku arasi goes into a coma – unreactive to the trivial affairs of men, pretty much a state of godliness. Radha Ravi is a sculptor with a blessed chisel that has made innumerous statues of goddesses. However, he has slowly chipped away at every ounce of his wife’s soul pushing her into a state where she is free from any more of pain. Her soul is at peace but her body is still present (not died) reminding radha ravi of his actions.

சிலை செதுக்கும் உளி சதை செதுக்கலாகுமோ?
Is it right for the statue sculpting chisel to scathe upon the human flesh?
நான் ஆன் என்பான் - எல்லாம் அழித்தான்    
என் ஆள் என்பாள் - எல்லாம் இழந்தாள்
இழந்தவள் எழுந்தாள்

He who says ‘I am the man’, destroys all.
She who says ‘He is my man’, loses all.
Loser rises.
Note: The subservience of woman has been institutionalized. Fear of change and comfort of the being within the system has made woman folk put up with men. Until she is comes out, she is going to suffer the collateral damage of the egoistic doings of menfolk.

கடையில் கடையோனால்
இரைவி இறைவியானாள்

Towards the end, because of the actions of the youngest
From being preyed upon, she liberates herself into being a goddess.
Note: Bobby simha being the youngest, starts a chain of events that destroys everything into ashes.
The woman folk rise from the ashes and liberate themselves.

மனிதி  வெளியே  வா!

-           இப்படிக்கு இறைவன்

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